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Looking for the best chiropractor near Santa Ana? You’ve found him. Dr. Charles Hough is a chiropractic specialist with over 30 years in helping his patients find health, happiness, and satisfaction. Solving everything from lower back pain, sciatica, mobility issues, tension, headaches, migraines, and general distress. Dr. Hough has the technology, patience, skill, and care to deal with an extremely wide array of issues that may be afflicting you.

If you are looking for a professional, personable and most importantly AFFORDABLE chiropractor and health specialist, Dr. Hough is here for you. 

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Your Health and Happiness should be affordable!

Looking for an affordable chiropractor? Fixing your back shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg! Take a peak at some of our happy customers.

Call us at (714) 633-9532 or message us online today to schedule new patient visit!

How Much Does a Chiropractor cost usually?

Chiropractic cost for patients in California usually range between $50 – $250 dollars on average. Dr. Charles Hough is one of the more affordable chiropractors. Ranging between $50 – $65 on average.

Is Dr. Hough a Walk-in Chiropractor?

Dr. Hough has patients come from far and wide due to his skills and network he has built over 30 years. Walk-ins are not common but if you contact him he will be able to get to you quickly and have you feeling better.