What is Microcurrent Therapy?

Micro current therapy is another piece of medical equipment that I use regularly in my practice. Thirty years ago I read The Body Electric by Robert Becker, MD. He described the body as electrical and determined that the body heals at the cellular level by way of increased cellular voltage.

Micro current is a type of electrical stimulation that uses a very tiny electrical current often under the sensory threshold. So tiny you might not even feel it. This is different than the more common TENS therapy that creates a bit of a shocking electrical feeling that simply blocks the sensory pain message from getting to the brain. When it comes to electrical stimulation more is not better. Think of the cell as a battery, it must have voltage to function and often simply increasing the cellular energy can produce impressive results. How Body Voltage Dictates Health and Disease



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What are the benefits of microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrent therapy has a multitude of researched benefits. Everything from increased blood circulation, increased healing from injury, and helping heal & recover from chronic pain.

Does it work on my skin too?

Yes! Microcurrent therapy sends gentle soft waves of current through the skin, tissue, and muscles of the face. Giving deep-tissue stimulation, your skin begins increasing ATP (Adesonine triphosphate), which in turn creates proteins that promote a youthful appearance, such as elastin and collagen. All the benefits of microcurrent are making this science known as the 5-minute facelift. This is why microcurrent therapy has been touted as so useful for not just the circulation of the blood, but the microciruclation!