You have approximately 100 trillion human cells. They all require oxygen, nutrients, proteins, and hormones for optimal function as well as the timely removal of carbon dioxide and waste products out of the cells. How does that happen? The vascular system, specifically the capillaries is where this magic takes place. Every living cell in your body has access to capillaries and microcirculation perfusion. We used to think that the heart does all the work, pumping 5000 gallons of blood through 75,000 miles of high pressure vessels every minute of every day of your life. We now know that is an impossibility, the heart has to have an assist and modern medical science has discovered that assist at the level of the pre and post capillary. Think of it as a secondary pump that helps move red blood cells through these tiny vessels. These capillary vessels are so small you could pack 7 into a single human hair! In our healthy youth this heart assist was happening 3 to 5 times every minute in every capillary. Unfortunately, as we get older or we are sick or simply stressed that mechanism doesn’t happen as often. For instance in an older diabetic it may be happening only once every 10 minutes. The nervous system and the brain are particularly sensitive to hypoxia (a lack of oxygen) and that is the primary reason diabetics develop neuropathies and blindness.

Fortunately for us a European medical device has been developed over the last 17 years that dramatically improves microcirculation at the level of the capillary by stimulating this pumping action. Studies done at the Berlin Institute of Microcirculation have shown that this device works every time and the effects of a single 8 minute session last for 12 to 16 hours. They know this because they see it with a 26 million dollar device that can see in real time microcirculation and capillary perfusion. Rainer Klopp MD heads this research institute and has stated this device is the most important therapy device every developed!


It is certainly a major piece of the puzzle for optimal health and function. I use it on nearly every patient I see. Please see the following 2 and half minute video showing capillary perfusion before and after using this equipment. If you understand that all the magic happens at capillary you will be stunned like I was at this video.