Lumbar Decompression

Decompressing the lumbar spine using a powerful ambulatory traction device almost always provides immediate relief from low back pain that originates from an injured or bulging disc. This is a device I’ve used successfully for over 25 years with amazing results. Pain syndromes often have more than one component but nearly all have spinal misalignments and soft tissue issues that should be addressed first. Some patients require other interventions as well. For instance, a patient with a bulging lumbar disc causing back and or leg pain should have it decompressed. I not only use it as a treatment device but as a diagnostic tool as well. When using this device, if it gives immediate pain reduction we know the pain is originating from the spinal joint and is either a disc or a facet joint issue. This device, designed by an Israeli orthopedic surgeon, has saved many of my patients from surgical interventions. The average treatment time is 20 minutes. The relief and correction of the problem is always worth the effort. The patient is always the boss, some patients want to do shorter treatment times. The goal is always complete relief. If there has been enough trauma to the spine to cause such a problem then there is always a soft tissue component that needs advanced soft tissue release. The only downside to using ambulatory lumbar traction is the tightness around the hips and ribs. We often have to pad those areas to make them more comfortable. Please watch the video with me demonstrating its use on Sherena. Many other clinics that use lumbar decompression sell packages of 30 for thousands of dollars. Personally I don’t do that because every patient is different. Some need more and some need less treatment for total pain relief. Once again if someone has a lumbar disc issue it’s almost guaranteed they have postural distortions as well as scar tissue that should be addressed.

See the short video of this procedure in action.