COVID-19: A Must Read

August 2020

Two things of utmost importance in your defense of this disease.

First, as you’ve read in my previous posts Vitamin D is essential. Now a randomized clinical trial from Spain on vitamin D and Covid-19 has been published and the results were quite extraordinary! Taking vitamin D virtually eliminated the risk of ICU admission—and may completely eliminate the risk of death—from COVID-19.

Second, again in my previous posts I mentioned something called NAC which is short for N-acetyl cysteine that I would take if I came down with the disease. Now my recommendation is don’t wait, take it now! It’s a precursor to a powerful antioxidant your body makes called glutathione aka GSH. GSH is critical to performing many functions of your body including assisting your immune system by its antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and detoxification properties.

Case studies have shown oral and IV GSH to improve the symptoms of a cytokine storm within an hour of administration! Glutathione is not just helpful for this disease but a plethora of conditions. Studies have confirmed that the lower the GSH levels the more chronic illnesses the person has.

Here’s a quote from the September, 2020 publication of What Doctors Don’t Tell You ( ) “Serum GSH levels are a reliable biomarker of multisystem dysregulation that eventually leads to multiple diseases and death”. In fact one expert has called death “a glutathione deficiency”.

Yes, your body does make its own glutathione but that starts to decrease at around age 30. By age 65 there is a 50% reduction in glutathione levels. Stress, strenuous exercise, smoking, alcohol, bad diets, pollutants and lack of sleep dramatically use up your reserves of glutathione. Consequently. I believe the answer is supplementation. The most cost effective and time proven method is taking the precursor NAC at 500 to 600 mg twice a day but that appears to be a slow procedure.

To jump start the process there are glutathione supplements that have been tweaked to make them more bioavailable and hopefully raise blood levels quicker like Apex’s product Trizomal Glutathione, Clinical Glutathione from EuroMedica and Designs for Health Liposomal Glutathione. Personally I’m taking those for a month and will switch to NAC from Protocols for Life at about a quarter of the cost.

Once again why do half of those infected with the virus show no symptoms? The only conceivable answer in my opinion is they have a balanced and robust immune system that has kept the virus from doing its damage. They have adequate levels of Vitamin D and glutathione as well as other nutrients like zinc and vitamin A. Plus they manage their stress and lifestyles that include adequate rest, sleep, laughter, exercise and anti-inflammatory diets that we’ve discussed previously. 
Yours in good health,
Dr. Charles Hough
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