Video Blog

VBLOG … The Precious Human Body, How to maintain optimal health and function.

This is about you and your quality of life.

This is information I want all my family members, friends and
patients to know and implement. I’ve already lost too many that could
still be leading productive high quality lives had they known what I do.
The thought of losing another family member, friend or patient is just
unbearable to me.

I’ve been working on this project for years. At first I thought I
would put it in book form and call it The Precious Human Body, the most
cost effective steps to maintain optimal health. But we are all
different, different issues, sexes, incomes and ages. What maybe the
most cost effective for one maybe different for another. So I’m going to
tell you what I do and why in a series of video blogs. My goal is to
keep them way short.

Here’s a graph of what I’m talking about. The vertical line is
quality of life and the horizontal is time from the day we are born to
the end of our genetic potential for life which presently is about 120
years. That is going to change with advancing technology in the field of
longevity and anti-aging.

It’s a time in history when being healthy is difficult. It takes
knowledge and the will and determination to be healthy. It doesn’t
happen by accident. In 1999 I completed my diplomate program in
anti-aging medicine. The first rule is don’t die and the second is don’t
get sick.

I hope the following information helps you achieve those 2 rules for as long as possible.

I’m Dr. Charles Hough