About Hough Chiropractic

Who is Dr. Hough?

I’m Dr. Hough from Hough Chiropractic in Fountain Valley. You are likely visiting this site because you have pain. A complex subject to be sure but for the vast majority of those that seek my help the problem lies within the neuro-musculo-skeletal systems. By that I mean the spine as well as every joint in your body, the nervous system and the muscles and supporting soft tissues.

My approach to these problems has always been functional. By that I mean let’s find the cause of the problem and remove or repair it and let the body heal itself.

After 32 years of practice I’ve brought together the best of Chiropractic and the best of physical therapy and the results have been astounding as you can see from the series of before and after treatment videos and patient testimonials on this site.

Click on treatment modalities and I’ll give a brief description of how each works with links to more detail on each. I’ve found that many pain syndromes have more than one cause and all need to be addressed for the best outcomes.

My video blog addresses the most cost effective steps that are essential for optimal health and longevity. These are the strategies I personally use to maintain my good health and quality of life. This is information I want all my patients to know and hopefully implement.

Think of this video blog as the owner’s manual you never had. I promise to keep these really short.

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